I’d like to add an art gallery to this site. The goal would be to help promote game community independent artists. The gallery would act as a way for me to give more visibility to these incredibly talented people. It would also link directly to their own work and galleries.

Each week or so, I’d feature the artist and link directly to their own gallery site while providing only a sample image or two of their work. Plus did I mention I just think art is really cool and I’d love to get a gallery going that isn’t just gratuitous imagery. Although … the screenshots gallery will be exactly that!


So, if you’re an artist or know other artists who I can reach out to. I’ll then talk to them, as in a brief interview¬† where can tell me whatever they’d like me to say about them in the gallery article. The article would be at most 2 paragraphs, again with the sole purpose of helping promote the artist for this bi-weekly feature.

Email is best, but comments work as well. Doone at trredskies dot com. As this will be an on-going feature, there’s no deadline. Spread the word!


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