Not put a scare out, but it’s the only way I can communicate to any of you currently about not being able to post comments on your sites! Makes me sad because there’s so many good discussions going on that I want to participate in.

I’m not sure if it’s my end or yours, but I know I’ve tried different browsers and computers with no luck in resolving it. Also note plenty of others are having no trouble at all, so I do think it’s possibly isolated to just comments coming from me; your blogs appear to be working fine for everyone else.

I have had fewer problems with sites that just take your name/url to post. Every WordPress site I’ve tried to comment on is giving me issues (lots of people use WordPress). I’m noting, also, that registered WordPress users are having trouble *logging out* of WordPress. WordPress isn’t accepting logouts, account changes, etc.

I’ve cleared caches, logged out of everything, no luck. I get no errors. The page just refreshes. Sites I’m having trouble with:

That’s just the ones I’ve tried to comment on recently. If you haven’t already, there’s 2 things you can look into which have created issues on my own site with comments.

  • Akismet/Spam monitors: Sometimes it snaps up comments from people who always comment on my site.
  • Any SuperCache plugins you may run on your site.

Otherwise, I just wanted to get awareness out in case the above two things are catching your comments. Right now I can’t tell if it’s my end since I can still comment on other sites and haven’t had this trouble before. I’m also checking with my ISP to see if any IP changes are responsible.

Sorry for the trouble, but I had no way to communicate with some of you to let you know individually. Even your contact forms were not working for me.

  • Azuriel

    Maybe we all just banned you. 😉
    I just checked the spam filter, and there wasn’t anything from you. I allow name/url-only comments, so it seems kinda weird that you would have problems commenting on IAA. By chance are you running NoScript in Firefox? I periodically have issues commenting on other sites even when I whitelist them with NoScript, but I can usually get around the issue via using the Preview feature if they have one.

    • Doone

      You know …I don’t put it past you Azuriel, lol!
      It could be a recent change to my IP address from my ISP. I know that often some ranges of IPs are sort of auto-blacklisted, but I just don’t know how all that works to understand how I’m affected. Thank you both for looking into it. For now, I think it’s possibly my end but I haven’t the slightest clue how or what changed.

  • Liore

    Weeeeird! I just checked, and Akismet marked your comments as spam. Usually I get an email notifying me when there’s a possibly questionable comment, but you just got quietly moved into the full-on spam setting! I’ve approved one of your comments and hopefully that puts you on the whitelist again. 
    Thanks for the heads up — going to look into this more now!

    • Doone

       @Liore OMG blacklisted by Machiaveli’s Cat??? Can anyone be more disgraced?? ;P
      Thank you kindly for checking. I’ll continue to act as if it’s my computer/ISP until I can talk to a techie who has an understanding of these things.

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