Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!  Often its the simple and subtle things in gaming that makes it so satisfying and so worthwhile.  This seems to be something Hidden Path understands implicitly.  Not only did they take tower defense to new exciting levels of balance and strategy with Defense Grid a couple years ago, but two years later they are able to release a DLC which is just as entertaining and fun as the original.

If you own Defense Grid, don’t miss the You Monster portal DLC.

This DLC is worth the money and much, much more.  It offers completely new challenges — genuinely; not just a couple of new maps and a single new story.  You’ll actually be (pleasantly) surprised by what you’re confronted with in each new stage.  I know I was.

This DLC features the AI narrator from Portal, a witty witch that lives (if that’s the term) to make your life hell.  That’s the most I’ll say about her appearance in the game.  Otherwise, Hidden Path has found a way to revive a game and make it as exciting as it was the first time you played it.

The difficulty will vary for each individual player; while some maps seemed not as tough as what was delivered in Resurgence, I realized that the  challenge lie in the tactics required to overcome rather than strategy.  The maps are interesting, but they aren’t on the difficulty of Resurgence strategically.  The achievements were great and humorous to boot.

The total experience was enough to get me to write a second review on Defense Grid.  If you’re a tower defense fan like I am, it would be a crime to pass this game up.  The DLCs are always reasonably priced and, for the quality, quite possibly underpriced.

Thank you, Hidden Path for understanding what makes tower defense interesting …and for delivering a really fun experience.  Not all game companies get this right, so kudos.

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  • Paul Christen

    They cant beat the both of us!

    Ahh, loved that game, thanks for the heads up on the DLC, will get it this week.

    • Doone Woodtac

      Yeah I sorta hesitated to buy it at first, given it’s been so long since I bought anything for that game.  But I was somewhat intrigued about what a Portal map would look like.  Very glad I got it.  It’s been a lot of fun so far!

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