Video Games Live!

I love this endeavor. I’m that kind of geek (like so many of you) that sits down and listens to old 8-bit tunes in 8-bit still. But I do love the stereo, concert, and symphonic remakes. I would support this project 100 times over if I had the money. But that’s where you come in!

This project can speak for itself, so head on over to Kickstarter and have a gander. This is a group of musicians who are gamers as well and they are aiming to make a studio album which will be accessible in all regions. The pertinent info:

The album will be recorded in a world famous recording studio with a 60 – 72+ piece orchestra, 60+ person choir and full rock band consisting of world famous game composers from around the world.

They plan to release this February 2014. Which, while soon, isn’t soon enough.


Even though I’ve never been a consistent TCG player, I really enjoy watching and even collecting (I have more cards than I have played games with them).  Chromancer is a promising project which hopes to bring a totally new way to play these games. The developers say it’s nothing like Magic and they seem to have put a great deal of effort into innovating the rules and mechanics of gameplay. Also, the art is awesome. Who can’t get behind awesome art?

Here’s a quick list of games I’ve supported lately (even if that support was just moral!) which had successful campaigns:

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