Let’s play League of Legends. I’ve recently dusted off my lowbie summoner after the announcement of the Honor System over a month or so and am now actively looking for players to join me in playing League of Legends! I’m forming a team with no name, which I shall presently call The Red Skies. I’m so creative!

I’m thinking that the average crowd at Red Skies are the kind of people I’d play such a game with. Red Skies is a community of largely very mature readers who enjoy a non-vitriolic, even intelligent, but always amazingly fun crowd. If you’ve ever been interested in playing League of Legends, but couldn’t find a company of gamers who you could enjoy it with, here’s your opportunity! Here’s the info:

  • Head over to League of Legends and sign-up. Game is free!
  • Email me with your account tag so I can friend you.
  • Play at least two matches (USA Central Time) each week and weekend gatherings.
  • The typical match in LoL is 30-60 minutes long.
  • Ventrillo is available.
  • Do not publicly post your gamertag/email address in the comments! Email them to me.

I haven’t decided all the details, but I must first find more people. I’m a family man so I suppose the team will develop with that in mind. There’s not likely to be event requirements, though I’m really interested in finding folks who generally game in the evenings and who would enjoy Saturday or Sunday mornings/afternoons of sessions with friends.

You don’t need to be a pro and you don’t have to have played the game before. If you’re just interested in the game, that’s good enough so long as you will have a battle or two every week with us. I’m not a huge winner myself just yet, but I chalk it up to not having a consistent team to improve with.

I know there are many who have probably been interested in this game, but have been deterred by the usually unwelcoming community games like this tend to have. Fear not. I really believe Riot is on our side, but also the purpose of having a gaming team/guild is that you seldom have to deal with that. We’ll login, we’ll have a good time, and we’ll enjoy awesomeness of building characters, making strategies, and winning games.

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