I’ve leveled up!

As much as I love T.R. Red Skies and the history that comes with it, I think I’ve outgrown it’s purpose. T.R. Red Skies is being retired and XP Chronicles has been born. This website will remain online and I haven’t figured out exactly what I’ll do with it, but for now please head over to XP Chronicles where all of my new articles and all of my energies will be focused in 2014.

  • RSS for Red Skies will remain. Strong chance it will see reuse.
  • Articles here will remain.
  • Some articles have been moved to the new blog as appropriate.
  • Twitter and such remain the same.
  • New RSS feeds for XP Chronicles are: Post FeedComments Feed

Originally, I was just a gamer sharing my thoughts on my toys, on the things I have loved about games and continue to love about games. But I’m all grown up now and I don’t look at games the way I did when I first started all of this. When we play games long enough, we start to become nerdy little armchair experts on their content and at examining how they affect us. This new blog is about me taking that next step in game criticism and talking about those impacts on a level the 20-something me was never interested in.

Take this next step with me. If you’ve enjoyed my blogs or had the pleasure of watching me grow-up within the blogosphere, I think XP Chronicles will be a place that you can continue that journey with me.

Curious about what this new adventure is all about? Head on over and find out 🙂

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