My first toon, Doone Woodtac, had a really rough beginning (hey, what new player doesn’t in this game?). I created him, made up some fantastic story and decided to start in a place called Kingdom of Rhodoks. Having played all over the map now, I have to say this was a lucky decision; Rhodoks is probably littered with the fewest amount of crazy bandits looking for a solo rider to pilfer, kidnap, and beat-up. So this was a smooth beginning.

Fast forward to now. I had started just learning to play with Doone; I learned how to earn money, how to collect an army, the good and bad of it, how to feed it, keep it paid, ward off desertion and keep high morale. I learned quite about skills too. I’ll do a write up in greater depth on all those little things. But in this post I want to talk about the fate of Doone and the path I am pursuing with him. One of the best things about this game is that it is open ended.

Doone was first a vassal of King Graveth …who I learned to dislike rather quickly. This political worm cares nothing for no one but himself and his friends. Though I had increased my standing with him pretty well I eventually severed the relationship and went back to merc work for a while. The only likable character I met while a lord in Rhodoks was Count Gerluchs. There were a few who were alright, but I found most of the Rhodok lords snobby douches.

I eventually opened some trade shops in the Kingdom of the Vaegirs and once my renown was great enough I began to get many offers from Kings for vassalage. I finally accepted King Yargolek’s invitation. Now the Vaegir are somewhat very noble lords. I found most of them to my liking and immediately found myself in a tough spot; I knew I did not want to take my character through to the “end” as a vassal, but I was really enjoying the company of the Vaegirs. Their politics seemed fair, and the lords were relatively easy to please. Business was always good in the snowy north; for any player starting in that area you’ll be robbed every 2 seconds due to infestation of bandits in the area. However, once you have a vetted force of 30+ those bandits are worth good money, drop nice upgrades, and when you raid their lairs you’ll find nice goods to trade. It was hugely profitable to simply roam village to village in the land of the Vaegirs, killing bandits along the way and completing jobs for villages. Earning good standings with the small villages allows you to recruit greater numbers from them. Profit was all around!

Now I had several mishaps along the way, all of the which were unpleasant. Getting your army crushed is a horrible thing in this game, not because of recruiting and training, but because it is difficult to travel without fighters at your side. Furthermore, armies ARE expensive; getting crushed in battle is a huge loss and good setback for any player. But never fear; its not too tough to get back into the swing. As you train along the way you earn skills that make it easier to build up a veteran force more quickly. Anyway, I got crushed at least twice in a bad way. Once was during a siege and the other I ran right into an ambush while on the trail of bandits.

Currently Doone is level 31, has tons of renown, right to rule, and friends. I have simply grown to enjoy the Vaegirs so much that I am having a hard time moving on! I do plan to strike out tonite though and rebel. But first I must collect a large sum of money. My first move once I have left vassalage is to start my own kingdom, something I’m not quite sure how to do and do not want to read any spoilers about getting there! Adventuring is the best part of RPGs, and Mount and Blade really brings that back.

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