Well …I’ve just about taken half a year off unintentionally. But now that life has handed me back a chunk of free-time, I thought I should make some announcements about upcoming plans for the Red Skies blog.

Old is New Again

A year ago, I began to plan for several features that I would write regularly. Some features were to be monthly, others weekly. I have totally failed in that area, but I still want to do these columns. Right now, I have a working schedule in which to pull them off.

  • Kickstarter Spotlight: Bi-weekly column featuring games I’m supporting on Kickstarter.
  • Red Horizon: A preview of games to look forward to next month.
  • Around the Sphere: A regular round up of important issues being posted around the blogosphere by theme.
  • Beat This: A community challenge to round up readers of this site to beat a particular game by the end of the month. A poll will be posted on how well we all did.
  • Honorable Guest: A regular guest column/feature.

In addition to these, I want to make sure I do a lot more game recommendations and reviews this year, and, crucially, do a lot more living in the mobile gaming scene (I’ve actually been doing a lot of gaming there, but the reporting has been non-existent here). Special features such as More On That will continue to be written, but are more based on much bigger cultural issues in gaming. I’ve also long chewed over the idea of hosting a community forum dedicated to discussion on the politics, economics, and culture of gaming communities, but that’s still in brainstorm phase and I’m not yet sure I can pull that off.

By the end of 2013, I hope to bring more guests to the site. That, of course, isn’t up to me as much as it is up to members of the community who want to share their thoughts on gaming. I’ll be a lot more active in soliciting submissions on topics that include game development, commentary on events/issues in gaming, game announcements, and almost anything else relevant to the gaming community.

All of this is in an effort to allow Red Skies to continue to grow and to be an active member of the gaming community. Stagnation is no one’s friend and keeping things relevant is an on-going challenge for any blogger. You can look forward to these new features in the very near future. Just know that I’m almost done developing them and I’m sooo ready to deliver this stuff already!

Thanks for continuing to read Red Skies and be part of this tiny section of the game blogosphere. I plan to continue to be around for years to come and I’ve got great ambitions for the future of this community.

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