This public service announcements is brought to you by: NBI! and it’s forums are a permanent fixture in the community. Have friends joining the blog scene? Find a Newbie who could use some support establishing themselves? Looking for new blogs to read? NBI isn’t closing it’s doors just because the event is over. The doors won’t be closing for the foreseeable future.

If you enjoyed NBI and/or want to continue to support it then please keep the site bookmarked or live in your RSS feeds! Game bloggers of all stripes just be planning a new community event that you want to participate in so the best way to stay up-to-date is to keep NBI in your radar.

Going forward the site will continue to serve as a HQ for Newbie game bloggers and veterans alike. I hope we can make it a warm fixture in the community where we can go not just for advice, but for conversation or to just hang out and talk about games. The forums are getting a revival in the coming week to clean up the place a bit and make it look more like home.

If you’re interested in being more than a visitor and want to continue contributing to building up the NBI to make it the strongest resource for new bloggers that we can, let me know. I can reliably be reached on this site, by email, or Twitter @trredskies. Soon, I’ll be reliably reachable at the NBI forums (finally)!

So thats that. Keep supporting NBI. Keep forwarding every game blogger you know to the NBI HQ and keep your eyes open for occasional blogging events.

Disclaimer: The NBI is largely a community for game bloggers which includes vloggers, podcasters, and all artists. It’s still a wonderful resource for bloggers who have no interest in games, so I wouldn’t discourage ANY new blogger from visiting the site. The info there is good for any blogger starting out, even though NBI was made by game bloggers, for game bloggers.


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