Hey, long time no see 😀

Contrary to all evidence, I haven’t died but I have neglected my blog this year thus far. It’s not intentional. Life has carried me into a lot of changes this year and I’ve been adjusting and enjoying them with family.

Red Skies is not closed, nor shutting down, nor going to be neglected for much longer.

I’ve been talking with some friends about guest posting and sharing articles. It will help me to continue to provide my readers with content. I apologize if my absence has been a let down, but if you forgive me I’ll continue to provide articles you enjoy engaging with.

The future holds many more gaming guides. I’ve drifted away from that the past year, mostly due to the decreasing amount of games I’ve been buying. But ne’er fear …there are some titles I really want to get my hands on and if I can’t write a guide, I’ve got a friend who will partner up with me to provide them.

I’ve had very few guest posts in the past, but I hope to drastically increase that. I hope the new year has been treating everyone well so far …summer is on the horizon!

  • blackhydra (from reddit!)

    Welcome back Doone 🙂 Looking forward to more as always.

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