Blood of HeroesEveryone who played vanilla and dared to cross the Plaguelands may have run into these little pools of blood by the roadside, or in a copse of trees or a ditch. And if you were curious enough, your story might have continued like so.

Intrigue forced you to dismount or go out of your way to investigate the little pool of blood. You noticed it was interactive and proceeded to click it. Within seconds a new item was looted …and 3-4 elite ghosts of soldiers jumped out and killed you before you could even see what was happening. This was the cost of touching the Blood of Heroes. And it was worth it.

The popular strategy was to quickly loot it and immediately start running. I don’t remember knowing anyone who could take those ghosts down alone. The puddles of blood were rare, but were a required material for an epic piece of armor or libram. Whenever someone mentions Blood of Heroes or just the Plaguelands, this is the memory that immediately shoots to mind: getting mauled while clicking on a curious puddle of blood in the ground.

There’s so many Power Words for me in World of Warcraft, but this one is special. It would be a nice throwback to discover in the new expansion little puddles of blood laying on the ground. Some of us would see it and immediately laugh as we click it and run away as fast as we can.

What’s your Power Word for World of Warcraft? If you tweet, you can hash it out with #wowpowerwords.

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