After months of trying to get the thing to work with my template, Readr Board has released a plugin for WordPress. IT’S BACK!

So that’s months I’ve missed of training my audience to use the damn thing. But I’m grateful it’s fixed. How to use it?

  1. Highlight any text or image.
  2. Click the little gear that appears next to it.
  3. Enter or select a comment to put on it.
  4. You can also use this browser button around the web, not just on Red Skies!

This is better than Facebook. It’s even better than the awesome Twitter. Your reactions to content AROUND THE ENTIRE INTERNET means it’s easier to share your thoughts and input as a collection. From the site:


Express your reaction to any phrase, picture, video, or article on the web. Get started with the Reaction Button.


Share interesting content with your favorite social networks – in one click.


Find readers who share your interests and see what’s catching their attention.

Follow Your Favorites

Every reader and publisher has a profile to showcase their reactions. Follow your favorites to discover inspiring content. (Shy folks can make their profile private)

Please use it some time. It’s there for you! It’s an excellent way to leave thoughts on the content without typing out a comment, or a way to emphasize something you might disagree or agree with. It gives me good visual cues as to what readers like, don’t understand, or aren’t interested in.



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