Some of you may remember the old comments module on the site, DISQUS. Well, I used it before WordPress began malfunctioning with it and eating comments.

I’ve since given Livefyre a shot and it’s great. But the free version is extremely restrictive. The one thing that really bothers me is it auto sorts on the newest posts — and unless you get the paid version you can’t change this feature. While Livefyre is pretty exciting, it’s clearly not the best comment module for this blog.

So, I’m returning to Disqus. Apparently there’s been great updates to the software and lots of improvements. Here’s hoping it’s the final change I have to make to the comments module in 2012 (hey, nothing lasts forever right? …right?).

I’m really sorry there’s been so much flux with software so far this year. It’s possible you guys are breaking my site 🙂


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