So I’m completely late to this party as well this summer. This little gem has been hiding from me for a year, but thanks to Humble Bundle it found me. This is a match made in heaven.

The Game

SpaceChem is a puzzler. The player is given a few basic tools which he/she must use to take raw atoms and create molecules with them. This clever little game has real chemistry, real periodic tables, and real equation building (fundamentally; the math is invisible guys so don’t be scurred). A teacher could literally use this to enhance their Chemistry classes. But onward with the description of why this little gem is so fun.

A grid is configured on the screen. Just outside the grid on the left margin are the atoms that the player can use. The player then uses lines, arrows, and buttons to design a schematic for creating the molecules pictured on the right margin. Here’s a demonstration of how this actually looks:

The video is running faster than the actual normal pace of gameplay so don’t be overwhelmed with the speed. This is exactly what you do for the entire game. Of course, you’re rewarded for efficiency so it’s not just important to figure out the solution, but to create a quick and efficient one.

One nice little touch that I really enjoy is being able to upload your successful runs directly into Youtube from the game. I played one other game this year which made excellent use of social media and that was Sword & Sorcery. SpaceChem is another brilliant use of social media to take an otherwise single-player experience and export it to multiple players.

If you like puzzlers, don’t pass this up guys and gals. This is easily the best one I’ve bought all year and it’s already a year old game. It goes for $8 on Steam so the dollars to minutes of fun ratio is absolutely favorable to the player.

I’ve been uploading all of my solutions to my Youtube channel so far. It’s about time I used that damned account for more than saving videos 🙂 If you want to see how good/bad I am at the game so far take a peek. If you enjoy collaborative problem solving like I do, be sure to send me your Youtube playlists so we can share ideas and laugh at each others failures!


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