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Games like this have a firm grasp, concept wise, on the future of RPGs. Remember RPGs where there weren’t really any quests?  Like, maybe you’d find one but they were really cool, rare, special things?  Terraria is such a game, but with no quests at all.

While I had a hard time at first untraining my brain from expecting the game to offer me something, once I got the hang of it I stopped waiting for things to happen and just started making them happen.  It was a really refreshing liberation from RPG drone syndrome, which so many popular games train you into.

Anyway, this game is sandbox.  Worlds are randomly generated and the object of the game is build the world to your liking using all the environment around you.  If you get bored of building, there’s plenty of dungeon diving to do.  Take a trip to The Corruption.  Dig until you hit brimstone with your axe and explore Terraria Hell.  What’s more is you can attract citizens to the homes you build.  The NPCs that come will sell you things and interact with you.

This game is pretty much a 2D Minecraft, but if you were someone who doesn’t understand the Minecraft craze this might be a version of the game you can truly appreciate.  For me, Minecraft’s 3D pixelated world just made me nauseous.  While it’s amazing what the game offers, I found it really tough to get into because of that extra dimension.  For a player like me, Terraria is absolutely the answer.  You get to enjoy the promise of an open, sandbox world, where zombies come out at night and where the earth is full of adventure, treasure, and surprises without vomiting on the screen.  Plus, pixelated worlds look far cooler in 2D than 3D.

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