It’s time to do it again, gang. Starting October 1st, the Newbie Blogger Initiative will go into effect for the entire month! The forum is open to help the community prepare this week!

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Whether you’re a vlogger, blogger, podcaster, artist or whatever …if you own a blog dedicated to video games, the Newbie Blogger Initiative 2 needs your support! A great number of bloggers supported the Initiative last year and we are calling on you again to participate as well as imploring new bloggers to snatch this opportunity as well. The goals of the NBI are simple:

  • Find, visit, and promote new video game bloggers.
  • Create a friendly network of support.
  • Increase survival of new bloggers. (This is a new area of focus this year!)
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Starting blogging is a tough thing to do! It requires that authors with a passion for something just start writing into the void in the hopes that someone will stumble upon their thoughts. The NBI hopes to create a community of game bloggers who are aware of new bloggers and can be that ear that encourages them to keep writing. And send as much traffic as we can to newbie bloggers of course, because nothing is more satisfying than writing an article and knowing people read it and respond to it. NBI is as much about newbies getting started as it is about veterans providing an initial audience that motivates newbies to keep going! Afterall, game bloggers mostly blog for other gamers. That makes us our own best audience!

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Myself and Roger over at Contains Moderate Peril are leading the charge for organizing this years NBI. We are forever grateful to Syp of Biobreak and Massively fame, and all the sponsors who helped organize last years. We’ll do our best to honor what you started!

The NBI will network by coordinating articles which help guide newbies, but we can do much more than that. We’ll also join (and invite newbies to) discussions, subscribe to those that interest us, and backlink relevant articles. We’ll also ask that new bloggers provide us with their perspective on issues, taking advantage of generational gaps and changes to increase everyone’s awareness of  topics.

Plus games. GAMES. There will be interactive events for bloggers this year!

Last year, the NBI had a culmination event where the games blogosphere awarded some of our own newbie bloggers for an outstanding job. Another main event of the Initiative was writing advice articles. We are continuing those things this year and hoping to expand on them just a bit. The output of articles last year was amazing so we have a base to work from this year. Based on community feedback, NBI will host 2-3 events during the month of October. Head over to the NBI HQ and check out the events! Most importantly, TALK ABOUT THEM. Give us some feedback, become a sponsor, and volunteer to help us pull it off! Every little bit counts so don’t feel like you need gobs of time to contribute. Do whatever you can!

There are 2 things I want you to do if you’re reading this post:

  • Repost. Spread the word. You can use these badges and banners on your blog to promote it throughout October!
  • Find newbie bloggers. Get them to come over to the NBI HQ. Encourage them to get involved!

This, as it was last year, is a win/win event for the entire blogging community. It’s a chance to build relationships among authors who are passionate about games. If you’re a blogger of video games, you are impacted by NBI. So get involved!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or Roger with any questions, recommendations, or even just to give me the names of newbie bloggers that could use some encouragement to get involved! Email, comment on this article, forum post, or forum PM are all equally valid ways to reach out.

Also, you can find the official NBI on twitter @NewbieBlogger2. I’ve been using the hashtag #nbigames as a signifier of related discussion. Follow us!

Help us make this event a success! You can check-in as a sponsor and a new blogger here.

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