I am saddened everyday when I realize I have so little time to play my Torchlight 2 Outlander. November was a bad month of spending time with Torchlight II, so this post is not only overdue, but I really have to get back to the game itself so I can share my awesome, uniquely fun builds 🙂 For today’s flavor, we have the Outlander build.

I also encourage you to share your awesome, uniquely fun hero builds! Like with most great ARPGs, character building is like the heart and soul of game-play. That’s not to downplay the fun factor of dungeons, creatures, music, and other game-play systems. I just happen to be one of those gamers who really love inventing my character over and over again. Few games these days remember that this has to be meaningful and fun. Runic gets it in a big way so …without further introduction, here’s my first Outlander build. I’m still quite enjoying it even as I try out two new Outlanders with completely different builds!

The Penetrate & Bang Build

Torchlight 2 OutlanderThis *is* about the game, nevermind your dirty mind!

This build is my shot at combining magic with bows and shotguns. Why 2 weapons? Because you can equip 2 weapons, that’s why. I have the bow for long range power sniping and boss conquest, and then the shotgun for horde smashing mode. In TL2, bows can be kinda awkward to play. On the one hand, you’re always fighting against hordes of enemies and the one shot, one kill nature of a bow build can be …inconvenient. But fear not. The Outlander has some handy right-button abilities that can spread the pain out more evenly across mobs while you use the bow to focus down the most powerful among them. It takes some dexterity, but not much. I’m not the most dexterous gamer ever and I’m rather renown for the often slow paces of game-play I prefer. So anyone with a cup of coffee or Red Bull can easily master this outfit. I think it’s rather easy to play. And fun, which is the important part.

This is a Dexterity-Strength build. It’s all about marksmanship and torrents of flying monster bits. The fine points of this build are strength for shotgun power and dexterity for maximum snipe-age. For performance, it’s a strong build but not really what I’d call a power build. I can clear out areas without much sweat, take down bosses without it turning into a marathon or a race against potions/cool downs. The weapons are exciting and gear with stats that enhance them are easy to come by. What more can an Outlander ask for?

Essential skills that make this build fun and useful are:

  • Long Range Mastery: Pretty standard for any Bow build to increase your damage and range.
  • Dodge Mastery: As a ranged, mobs will get as close as they can and you don’t melee. So dodge.
  • Shadowshot: A nice crowd-busting skill to deal with several enemies at once.
  • Flaming Glaive: Another nice crowd-burning skill for mob action.
  • Repulsion Hex: Helps keep distance between you and the baddies. Very effective.

The Penbang Skills

Generally, what’s important about these skills is they get their bonuses from weapon damage. As a rule, base your skills on the stats you invest in. In my case, I went with strength and dexterity to boost my weapon damage. Therefore, these skills will all benefit from that. Skills that don’t benefit as much from weapon damage will explicitly say so. For example, the magic-based equivalent of Flaming Glaives is Glaive Throw. If I had more of a Focus build, I’d go with that instead.

Spells are easy to neglect because they’re one of those things that’s nice, but not necessary. Still, I keep a wishlist of spells and I try to always have those slots filled. In the New Game +’s, it’s far more important to maximize than it is when just messing around early in the game. That said, basic Spells I try to keep/hunt for are:

  • Adrenaline Rush: Gives you a haste effect every 10 seconds.
  • Animal Handler: Show your pet some love! They lug your crap around, do your shopping, and protect you.
  • Marksmanship: Increases your weapon damage and also lowers level requirements for items.
  • Treasure Hunter: Isn’t that why many of us play this?

Keep in mind all spells have ranks 1-10 so try to keep your spell levels up to par with your character as you level.

As far as stat allotment, I stack Dexterity as high as I can, Strength next, and only buy as much Vitality and Focus as I need to stay healthy. Generally, every level I go 3 Dex, 2 Str, and every other level I do 2 Dex, 2 Str, and 1 of either Focus or Vit.

How to Use This Build

However you like!

I’d say it’s particular strength is the critical damage and constant flow of hits from fumble recovery (bonus of Dexterity). This isn’t what I’d call an endgame build, but I really can’t say how sharp it is beyond New Game ++; I’ve only been up to New Game + with it. I can get around maps at a good pace and bust up elites with ease. The awesomeness of pulling the trigger on my shotgun and seeing monsters fly, never to return, is extremely satisfying. Piercing tough enemies while keeping them at a distance makes me feel like a real ranger. You’ll have fun with this build and it can definitely progress you through the early and mid-game. The jury is still out on the very late game, but I don’t foresee the goodness of this build changing.

Next time, I’ll do a write-up for my Magic Outlander. It’s actually a little bit more fun than this build because of the sheer speed with which I can clear levels with it. Until then, I hope you can find some pleasure in this one.

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  • dudemanguy

    desc. of magic build?
    focus, pistol + wand/ wand+wand, stack poison spells such as glaive throw?

    • Doone Woodtac

      Any skills that scale magic damage are usually pretty good for a magic build. Don’t force me to name any of those skills right now …I haven’t been playing my games very much since 2013 started! But I’ll try to pick this topic up in a future article. Maybe I can put together another guide.

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