Before I give my own thoughts on this, I want to prompt the any and all of you in the community on what this presentation made you think. What was your emotional reaction? What questions/issues are presented by these images? I’ll be writing a follow-up response to this in the next few days while this churns in my brain. Discuss.

  • Pai

    I’ll admit, the ‘What are you doing out of the garage’ and ‘Fix my car plz’ made me laugh. I think turning reality on its head like this really shows the double standard that exist in gaming (and a lot of other media) clearly.

    • copperbird

      Mostly I think I love that picture of the dark skinned female paladin, I think it’s from Pathfinder. Other than that, this just makes me sad.

      • Doone Woodtac

        You’re speaking of redemption, yeah? I get that. I think any human being who has been oppressed in our society in any way feels this sentiment one way or another. I can appreciate that — even deniers can appreciate that sentiment. I think it stems from a general feeling that there’s no justice, and there’s A LOT of truth to that feeling.

        There can’t be justice if it’s isn’t seen to be served. It cannot be served in through forgetting. Those who have fought for equality won’t be content with the dominating party merely saying “ok, we won’t do that any more” or making policies like “Yes that was wrong in the past …BUT FROM HERE ON OUT …” – there’s no justice in the way we handle it. We try to handle this by simply trying to forget, not by enforcing equality. We know this is true because people largely believe we can keep things the same, but simply remove the misogyny. Thinking like that fails to completely account for the fact that misogyny is a symptom. The past must be addressed, and those who have gained from inequality must lose in the struggle to equalize. We cannot simply campaign to “bring women up” to our level of “good” treatment. We have to surrender the ill-gotten gains. And too many feel that they don’t owe the debt their forebearers left.

        Oppressors are very angry about that, and I use oppressor here to mean those who benefit from these phenomena. That includes myself. We aren’t always bad people who don’t understand the pickle we’re in. But we benefit nonetheless and it can be difficult to accept that we have to surrender something when this is over.

        • copperbird

          I appreciate your being so understanding, but I do think emphasising retributive justice is unhealthy.

          I once got sent to a course on negotiation, and one of the things the tutor suggested was that we all decide, before going into a negotiation, what our actual desired outcome was. ie. what do you want to get out of this? What result would you like to see?

          And unambiguously, the result I would like to see from feminism in gaming is friendlier communities for everyone, more welcoming to newbies, more accepting of difference, more welcoming of diversity, more willing to look out for each other, more equal, with a voice for everyone, and just friendlier in general.

          Demanding that former oppressors surrender things may not help us get there. We need to learn to accept enthusiastically the steps that WILL help us get there. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to acknowledge feelings of injustice or desire to ‘turn the tables’ but we have to come to an understanding that those feelings may not help and may need to be discarded along the way.

  • Azuriel

    My favorite was slide #56: “can i see your balls?”

    If any women feel as ludicrously awkward looking at the “normal” female videogame depictions as I felt when looking at those earlier slides (17, 18, & 21 in particular), well… point taken.

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