This week, I only got to try out one new game.  This game has redefined mages and will change the way magic is implemented in future RPGs.  I give you Magicka.

Genre RPG
Platform PC
Price $9.99 @ Steam
Length 13 stages
Replayability 4.0 (5.0 scale)

Do not be thrown off by the simplistic graphics and interface. They do this game a great service so that the player never forgets how awesome the magic is in this game.

Developers across the industry should be picking this thing apart and never again should a mage or other magic class do less than the mages in this game. The total focus of this game is creating spells. That’s right: not learning spells, but making them yourself. And you get to do this as soon as you make a character and begin playing. No experience bar, no levels, just you and your ability to wield the elements.

In a nutshell, your avatar starts the game versed in 8 elements and spells.

These spells all have opposites which should not be mixed (such as water and lightning; I won’t tell you what happens, but I don’t think I have to). The beauty is that you can configure all sorts of spells, potentially thousands, and they can be just as deadly to your enemies as they can to you. For example, letting off a wave of flame can set you on fire. But hey, you can just douse your self with a water spell. You can also learn special spells on your journey through the storyline game. The really nice thing about that is if you know the sequence by heart, you don’t have to carry them around or reference them. They work whether you have them selected or not.

I have always been a player that enjoys melee and physical ranged combat (though I did enjoy my priest immensely in World of Warcraft), but this game does such a 180 on the concept of mages in RPGs I feel sure I will always roll one as long as they done like this. The ability to make my own spells …21st century gaming indeed.

For the price, this game is well worth the pick-up. If you play on Steam, you can also just download the demo and give it a whirl.


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