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Just a message to say welcome and thanks for bookmarking the new Red Skies. The greatest change is the domain name, but I also did some streamlining. If you don’t see what you need on the top nav, just check the footer.

With this move comes a new coat of paint of course. I like mixing it up, but actually I’m hoping to refine a consistent look for Red Skies. The new paint job is aimed at getting rid of the bloat the old site has sort of accrued over time. Some stuff plain didn’t work and some stuff tended to break other stuff. The new look is nothing if not completely functional. It’s what I’m good at. Art isn’t really my thing, but functional is something I can usually pull off. I do hope that you will like the new look as well. It’s straight forward, focused, and very simple. It’s not a snazzy as some of my favorite blogs out there, but I’m content with it and it definitely satisfies my needs as an author. I hope you’ll like it.

Disqus is still not functioning properly. As much as I’ve tried to return to it, their support just isn’t there for the product at this time. Livefyre will remain until Disqus gets it’s act together. In fact, the *only* complaint I have with Livefyre is the inability to have the comments default sort by oldest. Their support has informed me they’re working on that.

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If there are any issues you encounter along the way, you know how to get in touch.

Starting Monday, will forward to T.R. Red Skies. It will expire next month and will be no longer.

Thank you all for your support and interest at Red Skies. It’s because of you that I continue to evolve the site and keep it up!

Please leave any feedback and definitely let me know if you run into any issues. Comments and email are both good ways to get in touch. Enjoy!

  • Ahtchu

    Heya Doone. Been meaning to drop in and give a hello at the new place, but been computer trouble-shooting for the past week and a half straight.
    Place looks good! I miss having all the different topics right on the front page, but this is sleek for sure. Knowing you, I’d bet the new place remains a work in progress, though.
    Also, both Disqus and Livefyre are buggy and/or sluggish for me. Perhaps it’s my browser and drivers (I’ve run into a lot of incompatibilities in the past 2 weeks) but kinda just giving feedback on it.

    • Doone Woodtac

      Sup, Chu 😀

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have another look at Disqus. It has been giving me so much trouble (on this site and the old) so it might be on my end. Thanks for the heads up and glad you like the place …so far 🙂

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